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How to Spring Clean Your Carpet

August 30th 2022

Pets, toddlers, mud, spillage and general wear and tear can make a carpet appear worn, scruffy and dirty over time. It’s important to not only remove stains as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also give your carpets a spring clean every so often. 

New carpets can be costly to fit, and sometimes totally unnecessary. A proper deep clean, with professional equipment can give even the most tired carpet a new lease of life. Autumn is a great time of year to give your home a thorough clean, in preparation for the winter months. You can even do your rugs at the same time!

We’ve put together a few tips on how to clean a carpet, remove one-off stains and conduct a full deep clean.

If you’re ready to get to work and clean those carpets, HSS have the equipment and tools you need to complete the job effectively.

How to remove stubborn stains - Our top carpet stain removal tips

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Pets make a mess, toddlers (and adults!) knock things over, and guests can bring in mud. Whether it’s dreaded red wine stains, paint stains, oil or ice cream, it’s important to act swiftly. As we all know too well, these markings cannot be removed easily – different stains need different treatments to avoid exacerbating the situation. There are a number of products and tools you can use to get the best results for each type of stain.

Remove the excess water and dry the area

First and foremost, ensure you have a fresh, white cloth to ensure you aren’t adding any more dirt to the carpet. Apply the clean cloth gently after removing any excess mess with a paper towel. It's best to tap the wet area rather than rub, as this can instantly create a wider affected area and require additional work to remove it.  

Use washing detergent 

Pick a gentle washing detergent and combine with half a litre of warm water in a spray bottle. This can be used to clean up a variety of relatively severe stains, such as eggs and chocolate. Gently rub the soapy water into the area with a wet cloth, work from the outside in so you don’t spread the stains, and follow up with some ammonia and warm water. Be careful not to use hot water as this can cause the stain to spread and soak deeper into the carpet pile.

Dig out some cleaning powder or sprinkle baking soda

A traditional, and quite effective solution is using cleaning powder. Simply sprinkle it on, leave overnight and then vacuum it up the following morning. Baking soda is known to be just as effective when used in the same way. Side note: baking soda works particularly well to lift pet hairs from a carpet, too!

Try using specialist carpet shampoo

Carpet shampoo is an effective method. However, it’s important to not apply too much, or drench the carpet. Use sparingly, and avoid scrubbing the carpet too fiercely. As with carpet powder, it’s possible to leave the shampoo to dry completely and then vacuum it up.

Use surgical spirit for heavy duty stains

Surgical spirit can be used to tackle heavy duty stains such as solids, oil, tar etc and any unknown stains. It’s effective when combined with warm water, and can be combined with white vinegar and washing detergent.

Mix white vinegar with water for a homemade solution

Tough stains such as blood and wine can also be removed with a cold water and white vinegar solution. This will work deeply into the stain, making it easier to remove and lighten the coloured stain with a microfiber cloth. Leave the mixture to soak into the carpet for at least 5 minutes before removing. We recommend going over this with carpet shampoo or laundry detergent to add a nicer fragrance afterward.

Carpet cleaning with a sponge

How to maintain a clean carpet in 6 easy steps

Carpet is a natural material and therefore cannot be expected to last forever. There are things you can do to minimise the damage to your carpet,  however. This will extend its lifetime and help maintain its appearance for longer. There are a number of ways to minimise the damage to your carpet. Here are some easy carpet cleaning tips and preventative measures you can take:

  • Don’t wear shoes in the house – ask your guest to take their shoes off. You'll be surprised at how quickly mud and residue can build up after a long time of being walked across. 
  • Welcome mats add extra protection for your carpets by preventing dirt from entering the home. A welcome mat at the front entrance can also help to keep dust and mud off of your guests' shoes – and it will be a friendly reminder for them to take their shoes off!
  • Regular vacuuming the entire carpet  – around three times per week, with a high-quality vacuum cleaner. This will reduce the inevitable accumulation of ground-in dirt, which, when combined with liquid, can result in stains. Routine cleanings should help maintain the cleanliness and quality of your carpets.
  • Use a high quality carpet shampoo regularly that will act as a protector and barrier against future stains.
  • We said it before and we’ll say it again. Don’t scrub your stain/carpet – simply blot it and remove moisture with paper towels. If you scrub too hard, you may remove the offending stain, but you may inadvertently damage your carpet. 
  • In addition to excessive scrubbing, people have a tendency to apply too much plain water or detergent to the stained area – resulting in drenching, damage and lingering odours. Keep it as dry as possible!

Conducting the deep-cleaning process 

Despite following the above steps religiously, your carpet will still gather dust, dirt and odours over time. Therefore, it’s important to periodically give your carpet a proper clean. Set a day aside and work through each room – you won’t regret it.

Carpets, rugs, and upholstery all need a thorough deep cleaning at least once a year. Deep cleaning carpets is an important step that protects your health and extends the life of your carpeting. Carpets in particular collect dust mites, pet dander and other allergens that can cause serious health problems, especially for those with asthma or allergy sufferers. For those with families, children's activities can result in stains that are nearly impossible to remove without professional help.

One of the first things to do is give your house a good clean with the vacuum cleaner – this means there won’t be any excess debris before you start the proper clean – it’s good to start from a clean slate! Once you’re happy there are no crumbs or bits of fluff on the carpet, it’s time to take the next step – using a carpet cleaner.

How to use a Karcher carpet cleaner

By viewing the video, you agree to a data transmission to Youtube.The data processing by Youtube is governed by their privacy policy.More Information

By viewing the video, you agree to a data transmission to Youtube.The data processing by Youtube is governed by their privacy policy.More Information

When you hire a carpet cleaner from HSS, you’ll be provided with an instruction sheet and a ‘how to’ guide. In addition to this, we’ve got instructional videos so that you can see the carpet cleaner in action

Here’s a short step-by-step guide on how to use the Karcher carpet cleaner:

1. Clear the area by removing furniture, vacuuming the carpet and tying any curtains up and out of your way. We also recommend testing one strip of the area before you begin, to check that the device is working as it should.

Plugging the carpet cleaner

2. Set up the equipment by unravelling the wire and plugging into a socket outside of the room. The carpet cleaner manoeuvres on wheels and is perfectly lightweight for your convenience. You can hire an RCD breaker to plug the cleaner for maximum safety.

3. Remove the clear lid and take the 10L water bucket to give it a thorough cleaning before use. You will then need to fill it with your chosen carpet cleaning solution and water before pouring into the clean water section of the machine.

4. Build the floor cleaning wand from the three compartments provided. There are different nozzles you can use depending on the situation (upholstery or carpets). Attach the nozzle firmly to the end of the wand. Follow the manual to to complete this step and lock the wand into place once built.

Connecting hoses onto the Karcher carpet cleaner

5. When you begin to use the cleaner, you will notice that there is a trigger underneath the handle - hold this down as you gently move the wand across the floor.

6. Work in straight lines across the carpet, spraying the carpet with the solution. Don’t forget to release the trigger to pause the outflowing of solution whilst you use the vacuuming function to remove the dirty water.

7. If the nozzle stops spraying or the water begins to foam, stop the machine and replace the water with a fresh batch of cleaning solution.

How to use Karcher carpet cleaner

5 benefits of deep cleaning your carpets

1. Minimise allergic reactions

Carpets can accumulate dust mites and other allergens, which over time can cause allergic reactions. A deep cleaning process will remove these allergens from your carpet, leaving you and your family with a better quality of life. Unfortunately, allergens cannot simply be removed by vacuuming. A deep clean will reduce any allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

2. Remove mould and mildew growth

Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis helps to prevent moisture from building up. This water build up can cause bacteria and mildew, which in turn leads to mould growth. If you don't clean your carpets regularly, your home may develop mould build-up. This can also happen where carpets are exposed to dampness for too long - perhaps where a spillage has been left to linger or a flood has occured.

3. Reduce pet hairs

As pet owners will tell you, fur is a household problem that can be very frustrating. Depending on the animal you have, carpets, upholstery and furniture can very quickly become coated in fur. In order to avoid bad smells and a large build up of hairs, homeowners can use a soft brush combined with specialist carpet cleaner liquids to remove it.

4. Avoid carpet moths

Carpet moths are a common pest in the UK that can be difficult to avoid. They tend to thrive in very well-heated houses, particularly closeby to skirting boards and corners where hairs and skin can lie. To prevent carpet moths, homeowners should take care to thoroughly vacuum as well as remove debris from edges and skirting boards with a damp cloth. 

5. Frequent cleaning = fresher home

Deep clean your carpet every few months and you'll be amazed by the difference it makes. You'll see the most visible changes in the colour of your carpet, the lovely fresh smell and life-span. Plus, the more often you deep clean your carpets, the less often they'll need to be replaced - so it's a win-win!

Hiring a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner to refresh your flooring

Carpet cleaners are inexpensive to hire for a one-off job, and highly effective. Carpet washers work by simultaneously applying cleaning solution and vacuuming up any heavily ingrained dirt. If you hire one for a day or two, you can enjoy a clean, fresh and fragrant carpet. If you have small children it’s particularly important to have a hygienic floor, and the best way to guarantee this is use professional cleaning equipment.

You can hire carpet cleaners from HSS whenever you need them most. We have excellent availability on these products - simply check-out the collection and book a convenient delivery day. 

Cleaning has never been easier!

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