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Corded vs Cordless Drills: Which One Is Best for You?

August 2nd 2023

We know what you're thinking, surely there's not much difference between a corded vs cordless drill, right? One has a power cord and the other doesn't. Well, that is true - however, there are some main variations between these types of drills.

Here at HSS Hire, we have a wide range of tools and equipment available. If you're confused about where to begin with drilling equipment, don't worry - this corded vs cordless drill guide will help you discover which type of drill is best for you.

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What are the main differences between corded and cordless drills?

Corded drills and their cordless counterparts have one obvious difference - one has to be plugged in and the other doesn't - but there are some other aspects that differentiate the common tools.


Naturally, corded drills make it much more difficult to be mobile as you always need to be connected to a power socket. Therefore, if you have hard-to-reach drilling jobs and don't want to be tied to an extension cord, it may be better to opt for a cordless option instead. 

Battery life

Yes, the freedom of a cordless tool is wonderful - however, you are still tethered to something - in this case, time. Cordless drill battery packs only last for a certain amount of time until they need to be recharged. If you need a dependable tool and don't have time to wait around for batteries to charge, a corded power tool may be your best option.

Drill power

Overall, it is thought that corded drills are the more powerful tools as they have a continuous power supply and, therefore, they won't be running on low battery. Of course, to ensure this, you need to have access to power outlets close to the location of your DIY project.

Rechargeable batteries are bulky

Some home renovators find that cordless battery-powered tools can be quite heavy due to the battery pack. This added weight can make it quite bulky and difficult to use a drill. This is especially true if you are completing any delicate work.

Multi-use batteries

Certain power tool brands have designed their tools to use the same battery power pack across all of their tools. So, if you need multiple tools to complete a job, it may be worth sticking to one brand for ease. 

The amount of work you are doing

If you are someone who doesn't plan to do a lot of renovation work, you may be better off with corded power tools. This is because, if a battery is unused for a long time, it can become faulty. 


More often than not, cordless drills are more expensive than their corded siblings due to the charger and batteries that come with cordless power drills. 


Which type of drill is best for you?

Overall, when considering whether to get a corded or cordless drill, you should think about the type of home renovation you are undertaking and base your decision on this. For example, if you are working in an area of your home that is far away from a power source, you will probably be better off with a cordless drill. 


Corded vs cordless drills: The differences at a glance

Corded Drills

Cordless Drill

As they need to be plugged in, you need to be near a power source

The lack of cord means more mobility

As long as your corded tool is plugged in, you can work for as long as you need

You can only work for the length of your battery life before it needs recharging

Although connected to a power outlet, corded power drills are thought to be more nimble

A cordless drill can be bulky with heavy batteries making them difficult to work with

Corded drills will work as long as they are plugged in

If you do not use your cordless drill packs often, they can quickly start to decline

This type of drill can only be used for one thing

Occasionally, battery-powered cordless tools from the same brand can share battery packs

Even cheap corded tools are thought to be powerful enough for home renovation jobs

Cordless power tools are typically more expensive than corded counterparts


How long is one charge of a drill battery?

Usually, one drill battery charge will last for three hours. However, this can vary depending on the power tool brand - some have been known to last for six hours!

Am I allowed to leave a battery in a cordless drill?

Overall, we do not recommend leaving a battery in a cordless drill in order to maintain performance and longevity. 

How long do drill batteries last?

When looked after properly, most people find their batteries last somewhere between three and five years.

Can you overcharge a drill battery?

Yes! Overcharging a battery can affect its lifespan and performance. Therefore, once your battery is fully charged, store it out of its charging socket.

How should I store my drill batteries?

Drill batteries should be stored in a cool and dry location, such as a garage. Batteries should be kept out of extreme temperatures and away from liquids like oils.

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