ABird and Apex Power Solutions – Fuel Management

Organising the fuel supply for your site can be incredibly time consuming, with considerations towards volume, top ups, changes in products to supply, as well as corporate responsibility, risk and cost.

ABird and Apex Power Solutions are here to take that hassle away from you. We’re more than just a generator hire company, we also offer specialist, bespoke fuel management solutions to help you run your site as safely and efficiently as possible.

We offer multiple elements of fuel management, and you can build your own bespoke package choosing the services you need, or you can let us manage the whole process for you so you can just get on with managing your site. Even if you aren’t sure of the best way to manage your fuel, our specialist fuel team will come out to your site to help you determine which fuel services you need and the best way to manage them.

Onsite Fuel Station

If you regularly need to fill tools, plant and vehicles, then our onsite fuel station is the ideal solution. Each member of your
team gets their own access card, and our online reporting gives you complete visibility of who is using fuel.

Contingency Planning

Fuel is a high risk element of your site, so it’s important to have plans in place should something go wrong. We can help you plan for these events and get the equipment in place to rectify them quickly.

Spillage Support

Time is of the essence with fuel spills, which can have huge environmental and cost implications. Once you’ve put our temporary measures in place, you can call our emergency support team who will get out to your site within 4 hours across the UK.

Fuel Polishing

Our specialist team offer fuel polishing services which can restore your fuel to its original quality, sifting out debris and ensuring it works to its best, reducing waste.

Read more about our Fuel Management Service here.