Lithium Harvest Energy System

ABird and Apex Power Solutions are proud to be the first hire company to offer a Lithium Harvest Energy System to help our customers get the most from their generators and power sources.

The Lithium Harvest Energy System is a compact add on unit which harvests any excess energy created by your generator and not used by your equipment. It then stores this energy for you to use whenever you might need it.

Compact and quick to charge

The Lithium Harvest Energy unit sits alongside your generators or renewable power systems to harvest the excess power while they’re operating. The Lithium Ion battery allows the system to charge and be ready to use in just two hours, making it much more efficient than traditional batteries.

Reduce your fuel costs

By harvesting the over production from your generators, you can make sure no power is going to waste. You’ll be getting the most from your generator and the fuel it’s using, and could save hundreds of pounds per week on your fuel costs.

The Lithium Harvest Energy System is one of a number of ways ABird and Apex can help you to manage your fuel. To find out more, contact our specialist fuel management team.

Cleaner, quieter energy

The energy from the Harvest System is cleaner and quieter than that generated by a traditional Diesel generator, which makes it ideal for night working, or in noise sensitive areas such as near schools or housing. You’ll also be reducing your CO2 emissions whilst using the energy from the Harvest System.