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Clamps & Vices

Here at HSS, we have a wide range of clamps and vices which are perfect for any DIY project which you have in mind. Whatever you are looking for, we have it at a touch of a button.

Clamps & Vices

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RS PRO Bench Vice 101.6mm x 100mm, 5.8kg


RS PRO 19mm Toggle Clamp


RS PRO Neoprene Swivel Foot Cover, For Use With Toggle Clamp


RS PRO 25mm Spring Clamp


RS PRO 50mm Toggle Clamp


RS PRO Drill Vice x 32.5mm 150mm x 220mm, 11.7kg


RS PRO Bench Vice 152.39mm x 100mm, 23.6kg


RS PRO Drill Vice x 32.5mm 125mm x 125mm, 7.9kg


RS PRO Milling Vice 83mm x 60mm, 3.5kg


RS PRO 52mm x 24mm Toolmakers Clamp


RS PRO Bench Vice x 30mm 65mm x 60mm, 2.1kg


RS PRO 16.9mm Toggle Clamp


RS PRO 50mm Spring Clamp


RS PRO 38mm Toggle Clamp


RS PRO 21mm Toggle Clamp


RS PRO 600mm x 140mm Screw Clamp