Concreting & Compaction Equipment Hire

Whether you are working on a large building site or a landscaping project at home, HSS concreting and preparation tools are essential to get the job done.

Preparation is the key to any concreting or tough surface preparation work; with rollers, rammers and vibrating plates providing the perfect solution for the surface you wish to work on.

Mixing concrete is the number 1 job for any cement mixing work and with our tried and tested tip-up concrete mixers and specialist mortar mixers available, you'll complete the work in no time.

Our range of screeds, poker heads, scrubbers, scalers, and planers complete our comprehensive range of concreting and cement mixing equipment.

The second stage of completing any concreting work will be the compacting process. We've compactors, as well as cutting equipment, that'll ensure the job is completed to a high level.

if you are still unsure or require some further information please do not hesitate to call or content one of the online technicians now.