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49520 - The C.Scope 33 kHz General Purpose Sonde is a small battery powered transmitter hermetically sealed in a robust torpedo shaped case which can be screwed onto the end of a drain rod and fed into a pipe. The pipe direction can be then be traced using a locator set to generator/ transmitter mode. The location of a pipe blockage can be identified using this system with enormous cost saving potential.

49523 - Portable, powerful and extremely useful for any excavation professional, the signal generator sends out a diverse selection of signals to accurately determine underground utility location and provides the user with a safe map in order to dig safely and without damage to gas pipes, water pipes, fibre optic cabling, network cabling and other utilities.

The signal output by the generator is sent out through the ground underfoot, bounces off utilities and returns up out of the ground into a CAT4 product (49524). A signal generator is essential for use in areas with utilities that don't generate signals naturally such as piping, as these may have been unnoticed when just using a standard CAT.

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