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Hauc Vibrating Wacker Plates

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Professional compaction plates with low hand-arm vibration and high performance compaction. These hauc wacker plates are perfect for compacting hardcore,sand or gravel. Our Hauc vibrating plates incorporate a stepped base to meet streetworks regulations.

Please Note - Fuel is not supplied with this item.

Safety information & instructions

Useful information

  • You must wear all round protection grade 1 goggles to EN 166.B – for less hazardous work grade 2 spectacles can be worn.

  • Protection required against high noise levels. Earplugs are suitable for short-term work.

  • Gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves are required with this item for hand protection.

  • Medium vibration risk - for tools that may be used for up to 2 hours before reaching vibration Exposure Limit Value (ELV).

  • You will need a vehicle at least the size of a truck to collect this item

  • You are required to wear safety footwear to BS EN 345 for toe protection with this item.

  • We are restricted by law from supplying petrol with our equipment, however an approved petrol container can be purchased at checkout.

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