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52 Litre Dehumidifier/Building Dryer

The Ebac BD150 has been specifically designed for the wide variation in UK climate, in particular low temperature drying applications, i.e. unheated spaces, as seen in the majority of cases here in the UK. Heating areas on construction sites, or in premises after flooding, is difficult and in most cases impossible, also unnecessary when using the BD150. Drawing out the moisture that is present in walls, ceilings and floors. The dryer can also be used in the aftermath of flooding, burst pipes or to dry out carpets.

The BD150 has a well proven track record for being a reliable unit, outperforming the competition across the wide range of conditions seen here in the UK. Ebac have over 42 years of experience in dehumidifiers and are sold into the majority of UK construction sites and have spent many hours researching the markets requirements to ensure their products are designed to meet customers’ expectations; the BD150 is a prime example of this all-condition solution.

Designed and manufactured in the UK for the British (Not Tropical) Climate. A dehumidifier’s performance will be dependent upon the temperature and humidity.

If a generator is used to supply power to the unit, it is advised that a minimum rating of 3kva is used and the generator must be started before connection to the unit is made.

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  • Residual Current Devices protect from electric shock. Strongly recommended for electrical equipment used outdoors or in damp conditions.

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